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Unions Exploit Bravey Against Pirates for Political Gain

As you can see in the above video, the SEIU has taken the debate over card check legislation to a new low by exploting a member of the Maresk Alabama’s pride in his union membership. The gentleman only mentions his union membership in the context of he and his fellow crewmates bravery in retaining control of their ship, and yet they seem to hold this a reason for allowing unions to form without a free and private ballot.

I don’t take criticism of unions lightly. My grandfather McInturff was a union member for over fifty years, and he held only his church membership in higher esteem. He voted with the union’s interests, and he saw the union as the safeguard of he and his fellow laborers rights. Yet he also saw the value of hardwork and respect for his employers–when others would take a half hour for lunch, he would take ten minutes.

Even that great scion of the modern conservative movement, Barry Goldwater, wrote this about trade unions in The Conscience of A Conservative:

I believe that unionism, kept within its proper and natural bouynds, accomplishes a positive good for the country. Unions can be an instrument for achieving economic justirc for the working man, Moreover, they are an alternative to, and thus discourage State Socialism. Most important of all, they are an expression of freedom. Trade unions properly conceived, is an expression of man;s inalienable right to associate with other men for the achievment of legitimate objectives.

The natural junction of a trade union and the one for which it was historically conceived is to represent those employees who want collective representation in bargaining with their employers over terms of employment. But note that this funcion is perverted the moment a union claims the right to represent employees who do not want representation, or conducts activities that have nothing to do with terms of employment (e.g. political activities) or tries to deal witha n industry as a whole instead of with individual employers.

By introducing the possibility of fraud and intimidation into the process of union formation through majority organization via card-check, EFCA usurps the current system that provides fairness for both workers and businesses by protecting the right to a secret ballot even when greater than a majority have signed. Unions have the right to exist, and indeed benefit workers–however, they do not have the right to speak for all workers and must be balanced with the rights of business that form the backbone of our economy.


Wherein I make my fellow Goldwater fans uber-jealous

March 31, 2009 1 comment

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