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Valley Boy Done Good: Rexrode to head RPV

December 30, 2009 1 comment

From the Washington Post we hear that Dave Rexrode, formerly Deputy Campaign Manager for Coalitions at McDonnell for Governor and currently running community outreach for the transition team, is headed down Grace Street to take over for currrent Executive Director Allison Coccia.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dave quite a bit over the years, beginning with when he ran Senator Obenshain’s first campaign. My fondest memory of that race is jumping into the back of a pickup with Dave just as the skies began to pour down at the end of the New Market Fourth of July. The Fourth has always been somewhat of a specialty of Dave’s, since whoever he’s working for at the time (Be it Mark or Congressman Goodlatte) usually does three or four parades that day, and Dave does them all. But that’s certainly not all he does. Dave’s always struck me with his professionalism and political ingenuity. He did an amazing job with coalitions this year, and he and his staff were always available to help integrate coalition volunteers with the field operation. I can’t think of any better hands for RPV to be in right now.

So congrats, Dave, and know that we’ve got your back out here in the Valley.

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