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Wrap-up of McDonnell Winchester Kick-Off

I got to the scene at about 7:30. A bit early but I made really good time both getting up and on I-81. People started to trickle in but by 8 the room was packed. The organizers chose a much bigger room with plenty of seats than at JMU but they still had to roll out extra tables and chairs. My count was about 80 people. 

Most of Frederick and Clarke’s GOP stars were there: Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel, the master of ceremonies; Delegate Beverly Sherwood; Winchester Tea Party organizer Andrew Nicholson; Frederick County Treasurer Bill Orndorff; Board of Supervisors Chairman Richard Shickle; Winchester City Tresaurer Mark Garber; former Delegate and former 3rd Congressional District nominee Winsome Sears; 10th District Congressional Chair Jim Rich; Winchester City GOP Chair Patricia Jackson; and Frederick County GOP Chair Bob Seale. 

As for media, Drew Houff was there from the Winchester Star, as well as my fave, Garren Shipley from the Northern Virginia Daily. Noticeably absent: a camera crew from TV 3 Winchester. This was particularly noticeable in light of the fact that their mother station in Harrisonburg covered yesterday’s rally. 

Bob gave his standard stump speech, but tweaked it a little bit for this audience. It’s really quite remarkable how the man can work anecdotes and events into his speeches. He mentioned the Apple Blossom Festival, as well as the fact that George Washington got his start in Winchester.

Applause lines:

  • “And I believe those inalienable rights are so important that they apply to all people, born and unborn, and I will be a defender of innocent human life”
  • “As your Governor, I will be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment”
  • “As your Governor, as I was as your Attorney General, I will be a strong support of keeping your property from Kelo-type takings”
  • “I’ll be the Governor who fights for charter schools and merit pay right here in Virginia”
  • “I resigned as Attorney General because I didn’t think it was right to campaign on a taxpayer salary”
  • “We need to have a strong right to work law”
  • “I’m a strong supporter of drilling for oil and gas 50 miles off the coast of Virginia”
  • “I think its so important, that in defending that right to work law…..that we stand up and oppose the federal card check law”

All in all, a great event. We’ll have Bob’s comments on the economy up later, but for now enjoy the videos below.


Video from the Winchester McDonnell Kick-off

April 1, 2009 1 comment

I’ll have a full recap soon, but for right now:

Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel Introducing Bob

Bob on Transparency

Bob on Education

Bob on Values

We’ll have his comments up on the economy later. 

Pictures from the Harrisonburg Rally

April 1, 2009 1 comment

Here’s a collection of photos from the Harrisonburg rally for Bob McDonnell yesterday. I hope to have video up later today, along with photos and video from the Winchester event. 


26th District Delegate Matt Lohr, with 26th District Senator Mark Obenshain in the background


The crowd going wild shortly after Bob’s arrival
In the red sweater waving her sign: RWSC Chair Sue Hughes 


The crowd of 80 or so people spilled out in the hallway


I told you I had a really good spot ’til I got sick


Bob consulting with his Youth Coordinator and daughter, Cailin


Two of Bob’s daughters
Far left in red shirt: JMU Junior and Cheerleader Rachel McDonnell
Far right in black and white: McDonnell Youth Coordinator Cailin McDonnell


Bob instructing the crowd to text VA to 46262 (“GOBOB”)

McDonnell in Harrisonburg Today (UPDATE: Winchester tomorrow)

Bob McDonnell, as part of his kick-off tour of the entire state, will be in Harrisonburg today! The event will be in Room 400 of Taylor Hall on the JMU campus. The event starts at 4:15 p.m. The campaign asks that you RSVP, but don’t fret–there’s still time to get in on the action! Click here to RSVP.

UPDATE: Bob will be in Winchester tomorrow at 8 A.M. at Jimmy’s Restaurant at the junction of I-81 and Rt. 50. RSVP and directions can be found here

We’ll have plenty of pictures and hopefully video as well. Also, if you can’t make it be sure to stayed tuned to my Twitter feed, as I’ll be live-blogging the events as they happen.

Bob McDonnell Hitting the Road (UPDATE)

March 25, 2009 1 comment

Bob McDonnell is getting ready to officially kick-off his campaign for Governor of Virginia with a VERY busy six day trip all around the Commonwealth. Between Saturday and next Thursday he’ll make 15 different stops in such disparate locations as Tazewell, Annandale, Onley, Henrico, Winchester and Martinsville. 

Below are the times and locations for the events here in the Valley (UPDATE: The campaign is asking that people RSVP, so I’ve attached the links for both events below):

Tuesday, March 31st
4:15 p.m. James Madison University, Taylor Hall, Room 400, Harrisonburg

Wednesday, April 1st
8:00 a.m. Jimmy’s Restaurant, Quality Inn at Corner of Rt. 50 and 81, Winchester