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Northern Shenandoah YRs Forming

Hear ye, hear ye–after a very exciting weekend at the YRFV Convention getting to know some of the players in the organization, re-igniting old friendships from my CR days (and making new ones), and being inspired to lead by both current and past YRs, I have decided to get the ball rolling on a chapter of the YRs here in the Shenandoah Valley. Our geographical focus will be from Woodstock to Winchester over to Front Royal, although I’d be willing to talk to people in Page and Clarke who might be willing to join the effort as well. Right now, I just want to find some people interested in forming a club–we’ll work on the logistics of meeting locations once we know there’s interest. 

If you’re a Young Republican age 18 to 40 who is not a member of the Young Republicans and who is ready to fight for the resurgence of our conservative values, I want to talk! Give me a call at (540) 436-3530 or drop me an email at (540) 436-3530. Also, be sure to join our Facebook group.