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Valley Boy Done Good: Rexrode to head RPV

December 30, 2009 1 comment

From the Washington Post we hear that Dave Rexrode, formerly Deputy Campaign Manager for Coalitions at McDonnell for Governor and currently running community outreach for the transition team, is headed down Grace Street to take over for currrent Executive Director Allison Coccia.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dave quite a bit over the years, beginning with when he ran Senator Obenshain’s first campaign. My fondest memory of that race is jumping into the back of a pickup with Dave just as the skies began to pour down at the end of the New Market Fourth of July. The Fourth has always been somewhat of a specialty of Dave’s, since whoever he’s working for at the time (Be it Mark or Congressman Goodlatte) usually does three or four parades that day, and Dave does them all. But that’s certainly not all he does. Dave’s always struck me with his professionalism and political ingenuity. He did an amazing job with coalitions this year, and he and his staff were always available to help integrate coalition volunteers with the field operation. I can’t think of any better hands for RPV to be in right now.

So congrats, Dave, and know that we’ve got your back out here in the Valley.

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Advance Update

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, I’m not there, of course–but I may not be going much of anywhere today, with between 4 to 6 inches of snow forecasted for the Valley today. If I end up being home later today, I’ll try to live-blog my thoughts on the luncheon and the gala, which are being streamed via video by RPV (courtesy of help from Greg Leticeq, proprieter of BVBL). Greg hinted at bold proposals to come from Eric Cantor at the Dinner tomorrow evening, so it may well be worth your while.

What we’re hearing:

–Mark Obenshain’s suite featured only coffee and sweets and is getting a bit less attention than others (Edit: as someone who is over alcohol in politics, I find this to be a refreshing departure)

–Eric Cantor’s suite is packing them in. Other Congresscritters in attendance: Forbes, Wittman, and Goodlatte–wait a second–the whole dang delegation is there! (Edit: Forgot Wolf! Will verify if he was around) They’re all usual suspects….still waiting word on if any contenders from the 5th outside of Morton showed up

–Krystle’s post may have very little to do with the Advance, but it still makes me feel downright alright about occasionally “shopping” (read: buying Red Bull from the corner store) in flip flops and flannel pants. As long as it leads to you all enjoying this blog, I’m alright with it. I couldn’t agree more with her thesis (despite the fact that I am on the opposite end of both the gender and size spectrum from Lady Krystle)

The Show of A Lifetime

As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. There’s a very good reason for this.

I know that early on my plans with this blog had been to cover the Valley’s biggest conservative and Republican events. I like to think I had some success with that–however, when I took my present position with the Republican Party of Virginia as a field representative, I became PART of the events, not just an outside observer.

This past weekend held one such event: The 2009 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention. From Thursday to Sunday I was in Richmond helping to set-up and execute the convention. You may have seen me or my colleagues in orange hats, some of us in radios, running around, directing people, and generally helping where possible. I hope that I was courteous and professional to all I came across, if not always helpful, and I am sure that my colleagues were as well.

For those of you who are political professionals, think of a rally on steroids with the additional kink of having to run in a certain way. Over 7,000 people (guests included) filed into the Coliseum over two days. I had to be there on Thursday night for the sign war in the Coliseum–talk about a sign war! No one has any idea on what the count was on downticket signs, and frankly, I think most of us can sleep better at night not knowing.

The RPV staff (Kim Jorns in particular) did an outstanding job of having everything organized and ready to roll so that myself and the rest of the Victory Staff were simply able to come and do the work of keeping the show running. Their eye for logistical detail and watching for problems before they started kept people happy and things moving. The McDonnell campaign also played a pivotal role in the logistics and had the demos and video presentations timed very well.

Of particular interest was the voting for the contested elections. All the campaigns were as civil and understanding as could be expected from an atmosphere were rival campaigns supporters are sitting right next to each other. The voting did not go to a second ballot as anticipated, and actually ended up being timed perfectly with the end of the scheduled presentations. The few kinks that did occur did not delay voting; rather, they were simply for the record books for next year.

One of the biggest surprises of the weekend: the final speech by VT Cadet Adnan Barqawi. He spoke of coming to America just a few years ago, and how our principles and values had made so much possible for him, much of which he could barely concieve of just a little while ago. His unabashed pride in America and his surety of principle (as well as his incredible presence) made for a perfect cap for an event where conservatives united behind their shared ideals and principles. I was counting ballots with the Sixth District during his speech, but even what I heard then reminded me why I became involved in this party and why I am proud to be an American and a Republican.

I have always told people I wanted to go to a legendary contested convention, like the ones in 1978 or 1993. I finally got my wish and a bit more, and I couldn’t be happier about what I saw. In my seven years of political work, both as a volunteer and a professional, I have never been more proud of any organization I have been part of than the Convention and this campaign. We did it gang–now let’s get back to work.

New Convention Details

March 27, 2009 1 comment

More information is coming out about the RPV State Convention. Here’s some of the wrap-up of today’s developments:

-Word on the street is that come April 1st over 10k delegates may have been filed. The big question: Can the AG campaigns keep the momentum going through May 30th? And is there just as much excitement for Bob at the top of the ticket? Evidence this might pan out: The Marriott and the Hilton across the street are already completely sold out. 

-Not a rumour: Mitt Romney will be the keynote speaker at the Commonwealth Gala on the 29th at 7 p.m. at the Downtown Richmond Marriot. Tickets are $75 for individuals, $150 for couples. You can find the form here. Will this inspire Palin or the Huckster to swing by on Saturday? 

-Not all of the Mass Meetings and Conventions have waded into the morass, but there are different things coming from different committees. PWC: We support Jeff, unanimous Resolution. Augusta: The committee supports Jeff, but just barely. Hopewell: We don’t back Jeff, but we won’t put that on paper. What else are you hearing? And will any of this make a difference come April 4th? 

-A minor but welcome logistical change: A $35 VIP pass will get you a boxed lunch on the 30th! I’m also hearing that they’re looking into streamlining the voting process and have taken note of the cluster that was last year. I was in the Shenandoah Delegation and we had far too many chairs–the Fairfax crowd ended up bogarting most of ours. They were probably wondering why a flier from someone running for a State Central spot in the 6th was on their chair (that would be me).

It’s Official–Frederick’s Out

February 13, 2009 Leave a comment

After much hand-wringing and speculation, Jeff Frederick has made it official–he won’t be seeking a fourth term in the House of Delegates:

As you likely know, last year I was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  I ran for this position to rebuild and reshape my Party into an organization that operated similar to the way I have served the people of the 52ndDistrict – a Party that brings new people into the process; does what it says it will do; and works to make Virginia a better place to live, work, and raise a family.


In seeking that job, however, I promised that I would not seek re-election to the House if I were to win the Chairmanship.  It is to you – my friends, supporters, and constituents who have made my journey thus far possible – that I wanted to let you know that I will be keeping this promise.  I will not be seeking a fourth term in the House of Delegates.

He also made it clear that his preferred successor is his wife Amy. I would agree that Amy is very sharp and definitely qualified for the position. The big question–will any local pols buck Jeff and try to make a grab for the seat?