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And For What?

February 14, 2009 1 comment

From the Washington Post, word that Speaker Howell has once again caved on the smoking ban and is actively working with the Governor to mostly restore the original proposal:

At a meeting Friday, Kaine (D) sat down with House and Senate leaders to restore elements of his smoking ban proposal so that it includes most bars, in addition to restaurants. In keeping with the initial compromise between Kaine and Howell, smoking would be allowed in enclosed rooms that are ventilated with fresh air from the outside, the sources said.


Sources say the latest agreement, which will be announced Monday, removes most of the House amendments. Smoking would be permitted in private clubs but not in restaurants that hold private functions. The ban would apply to bars, regardless of whether minors are admitted. The patio exception, however, will remain. Legislators have to agree on what constitutes an outdoor patio, according to sources.

And what is Howell reward for his rush to sell out free market principles? Why, an opponent, of course! And not just some kook, but a popular elected official. From Fred2Blue:

Stafford Co. Board of Supervisors Chairman George Schwartz is running against Speaker Bill Howell in the 28th HD. The full press release is below.

Barack Obama captured 50.2% of the vote in the 28th last November, a district that includes the city of Fredericksburg and part of Stafford County. Although Schwartz is the Stafford BOS Chairman, he hasn’t been elected county-wide. He represents the Falmouth district and was voted in as Chairman, following the 2007 elections, with 4 votes (3 Democrats and 1 Independent) to 3. Schwartz will not seek re-election this year. This won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but we couldn’t ask for a better candidate to run against Wild Bill. Get pumped.

With numbers like that, Howell was going to have an opponent. However, in his search for an issue, he has now managed to show that, in addition to not appeasing liberals, he also has no principled backbone, meaning that grassroots activists and other free market types are going to be less than enthused about working for him. 

Good work, Bill. It’s very rare that you sell out and harm yourself at the same time.

Statehouse Republicans Roll Out Stimulus Package

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Speaker Howell and others released a comprehensive package designed to stimulate Virginia’s economy. However, rather than relying on indiscriminate spending and allowing pork to slip in like SOME stimulus packages *cough*U.S. House Democrats*cough*, the package is focused on enhancing the economy through commonsense reform and focused spending projects. As the Speaker put it:

“As Republicans, we believe in advancing innovative solutions, strong management and fiscal responsibility,” Speaker Howell. “Like we have on so many pressing issues people care about, House Republicans are offering a compelling vision for a better future and a convincing way to help lead our Commonwealth out of the current financial and budget turmoil. “These initiatives will result in more jobs, stronger economic development potential and a faster return to prosperity for Virginia‟s families, businesses and taxpayers. I am proud that our strong majority caucus has built a sensible and broad-based economic package for Virginia. We will hard to ensure its passage because I am confident it will deliver a very positive and lasting impact.” 

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