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Terrible Terry Raising Cash All Over

April 1, 2009 1 comment

We noted yesterday that while Terry McAuliffe is deriding the effect of lobbyist gifts during a public official’s service, he has no problem with using lobbyist dollars to fund his own ambitions. Now, we discover that while he’s talking job creation in Virginia, he has no problem going elsewhere to fund his efforts to seduce the people of our great commonwealth. From the Washington Post: 

In January, McAuliffe raised $350,000 at a New York fundraiser at the Park Avenue apartment of Hassan Nemazee, a prominent investment banker who was one of Hillary Clinton’s finance chairs. Bill Clinton stopped by unannounced.

Why, his scruples are in such limited quantities that he has no problem with making an appearance about the economy then skipping town to find funds to fuel his dream: 

On March 2, McAuliffe was in Northern Virginia to talk about job creation, small-business support and workforce training. That night, he attended a fundraiser at a Chicago restaurant hosted by J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire whose family founded the Hyatt hotel chain, and Kevin O’Keefe, a Clinton White House lawyer.

On March 4, McAuliffe held an economic roundtable in Roanoke. That night, he was at the home of Jim Pederson, a businessman who chaired the Arizona Democratic Party. “Terry is held in high regard and affection in our party,” Pederson said. “It doesn’t surprise me that there’s an outpouring for him now. It’s time for a little payback.”

It’s clear that Terry is the ultimate chameleon and carpetbagger, finding a place to set his roots and water it with thousands of dollars from national Democrats determined to make Virginia  a laboratory for left-wing policies.

Trippi coming to VA

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Just when thought that Terry McAuliffe was going to supply all the star power we needed in the GOV race, we learn that Joe Trippi is joining Team Moran:

As media director, Trippi will oversee radio, TV and online advertising as well as serve as a general strategic adviser, according to Moran’s campaign.


Trippi is also a longtime adviser to Moran’s brother, Rep. James P. Moran Jr., D-8th.

“Joe is the architect of the 21st century campaign and knows how to help insurgent candidates win elections,” said campaign chair Mame Reiley.

Trippi certainly does have a reputation for revolutionizing e-campaigns. However, we all know what happened to the Dean campaign in ’04. Additionally, is the Moran campaign REALLY an insurgency? I mean, we are talking about the same Brian Moran who was Dem caucus chair and is the brother of one of the most powerful Democrats in Northern Virginia?

Like I said, this will be a fun primary to watch.

He really thinks he can buy it

January 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Team Terry has come out with a snazzy “Investor Report” that is targeted towards potential donors. 16 pages, full color, even has the Union label. Amazing. He really is going all out. This is a must read for all Republican activists, as this should serve of a reminder of what we face if we don’t go all out on this one.

McAuliffe Makes a Fan Faux Pas

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Bob Gibson at the Daily Progress reports an amusing faux pas by Terry McAuliffe at a recent UVA-UNC basketball game:

As McAuliffe took his front-row seat courtside next to John and Renee Grisham, more than a few Wahoo fans noticed that McAuliffe’s sweater was a significantly lighter blue than Virginia’s dark blue hue.

The front-running candidate of three Democrats in the money race approaching the June 9 Democratic Party primary for governor, McAuliffe had not committed the cardinal mistake of wearing a baby blue sweater to the basketball game dominated by the Tar Heels, but his sweater was a noticeably moderate blue.

Not to worry about such things, McAuliffe kept up a lively conversation with John and Renee while the man who had been sitting next to him disappeared and reappeared a few minutes later with a Virginia hat.


At halftime, McAuliffe doffed a dark blue Virginia jacket with orange lettering, completing his transition from a moderate blue fan to one wearing Virginia colors.

Apparently, McAuliffe didn’t quite finish his research on the state’s colleges before he decided on Virginia as the best place for him to buy the Governorship. Of course, Terry has the money to fix any mistake on the campaign trail, as well as to be, well, just about everywhere. 


Terry McAuliffe: He’s Everywhere You Don’t Want Him To Be.