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Stump the Craiger

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s time again for Stump the Craiger! Leave your history or political trivia questions in the comment section below, email me at craig.ornddorff AT, IM me at FRMscavp or join our chat on the show page. Remember, I’ll answer the first three questions I get on air, so get them in for your chance at my box o’ buttons. Also remember: Tonight’s show starts at 10 and goes for the whole hour.


The Big O Show Episode #1 Recap

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment


For those of you interested in reading more about topics discussed on the show but don’t have time to go to your local public library. A great first show; a little stumbling and I didn’t get to cover everything as well as I wanted, but still we had eight, count em, EIGHT listeners, and four people joined us in the chat room. So here is a recap, segment by segment:

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Almost show time and STUMP THE CRAIGER

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s getting near show time and I wanted to post the link for everyone to listen in a t–Orndorff. You can also call in at (646) 727-2982. Long distance charges will apply.

Also, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on a feature we’ll have: Stump The Craiger. At the mid-point of the show I’ll take a few minutes to answer your political trivia questions. Think of the most obscure question you can, and then email it to me at or join the chat at the above link. Also, if you have AIM you can reach me at frmscavp. If you can stump the Craiger, I’ll send you a button from my box o’ buttons. I’ll only take the first three questions, so get ’em in early. Please note I won’t take any phone questions this go around. 

See you all in 49 minutes!